Boomerang Asset Management, LLC

Mike Alpert founded Boomerang in 2011 to leverage his experience of more than twenty years in management, finance and strategy along with those of his diverse network of seasoned executives to help clients identify solutions to strategic and/or financial issues and then drive detailed but practical execution plans to achieve desired results.

Mike Alpert, President and Managing Member

Mike has experience in assuming general partner responsibilities for private equity funds whose investments consist of a mix of equity and/or debt in stable, turnaround, and distressed situations.  He has represented the funds on portfolio company boards and has also retained others to serve as directors.

Mike’s experience also includes nearly a decade at E-Trade Financial Corporation where he was a Senior Director in its Corporate Development group.  While at E-Trade, Mike served the firm’s global portfolio of operating companies through the sourcing, analysis, evaluation, execution, and provision of leadership on all aspects of strategic initiatives, acquisitions, direct investments and dispositions.

Earlier in his career, Mike also gained experience at companies such as Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers and Mellon Financial Corporation.


Mike holds an MBA from The University of North Carolina and a BA from Tulane University.

Mike has been approved by the US District Court for the Southern District of New York and also by the US District Court for the District of Connecticut to oversee investment funds placed in federal receivership and has been tasked by those Courts to stabilize the funds' general conditions, assess the viability of portfolio holdings, and lead divestiture efforts to maximize returns to stakeholders.  Where necessary, Mike has retained third parties to assist in the execution of certain specialized functions such as cash management, accounting, tax preparation, records retention, and securities counsel.